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How do you get into this anyway?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

When I was a kid, my parents frequented a small, 12 table Irish Pub that was right up the road from our home that boasted a dollar burger and fries special twice a week.

The family who owned the Pub also lived up the road and, thankfully, had kids our age. We all rode the same bus, went to school together, played ball at the same association and rode dirt bikes in each other's fields.

Fast forward 20 years (and a lot of life later) they were looking for a part time bartender to help fill in here and there. After 4 years in the Navy, I moved home and now had a full time corporate job. But, nonetheless, I volunteered. Hesitantly, knowing that although I had held several positions in the restaurant industry and had experience in other customer service related fields, bartending was a whole different ballgame.

I went in to train on my first night and watched, bewildered, as seasoned bartenders free-poured shot after shot, measured and shook cocktail after cocktail and passed out upside down shot glasses to each regular as a symbol of their tally system. Not only was there no POS system, but I had to hand write and keep carbon copy tickets... in order... and I didn't know anyone's name.

I. was. lost.

But then an awesome thing happened. My second shift ever, I came in and I was alone behind the bar. We were absolutely slammed. I had 4 waitresses calling drinks at me, each having to pay for them as they ordered them, a full bar myself, and basically no idea what I was doing. I had 2 choices; walk out or suck it up and get through the rush as best I could, then fall back and regroup. I chose the latter.

I don't have a fancy certification and I don't label myself a "mixologist". I read and test recipes a lot. I want to make drinks that taste delicious and are true to their origin; they were created that way for a reason! There is a time and a place for modifying a recipe to your liking, but I really love the originals.

It's now been a few years and bartending is still one of the best jobs I've ever had. It hasn't come without it's challenges, but overall, I still enjoy it. It's amazing how one cocktail, a few minutes of listening to someone vent, or even a quick compliment can change someone's day. I don't care if it's a well made Old Fashioned or a cold Busch, as long as I can serve it to you to help ease the worries of your day, it's worth it. Soon, I will be able to take this philosophy with me anywhere I go... with my horse trailer.

Thanks for following my journey!

Slainte~ Olivia

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